Roast Levels
We offer a wide range of roast levels here at Java Nation. Coffee can be roasted at different levels from light to medium to dark. Each roast level will help accentuate unique flavors naturally within the coffee.

Light roasts, which are widely popular among third-wave, specialty coffee shops, typically lend brighter, more acidic coffees. They can be tea-like or juicy in texture. They work best for coffees with fruity, citrus, and floral tastes.

Dark roasts offer the flavors that coffee has been known for since it was first discovered: bold, bitter, earthy, and smoky. The texture often has a heavier mouthfeel. When done well, dark roasts can also accentuate roasty flavors such as chocolate, caramel, and nuttiness.

Medium roasts, as the name suggests, fall between light and dark roasts. They offer a balance of flavor between the two roast levels. They are often very smooth in texture with plenty of sweetness and maybe a touch of roastiness. Medium roasts work well with coffees that have a mix of fruity, chocolate, and nutty notes.

What roast level do you prefer? If you need help deciding, feel free to ask any of our baristas or roasting staff for recommendations. Maybe try a roast level you’re not familiar with as well!

by Mark Gorres

9th Sep 2021


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