In nature, everything is connected🌿

Our coffee farmers respect the cycles of the moon as they work to bring you a superior cup of coffee!

Learn more in today’s video about our trip to Peru!

by Simona Cabana

24th Nov 2021

Roast Levels

We offer a wide range of roast levels here at Java Nation. Coffee can be roasted at different levels from light to medium to dark. Each roast level will help accentuate unique flavours naturally within the coffee...

by Mark Gorres

9th Sep 2021

Coffee 101: Brew Methods- Espresso

Many people know espresso as that dark mysterious liquid that bears the strong, bold, intense essence of coffee. To some, it tastes delicious; others, maybe not so much. So what is it really, and how is it made?

by Mark Gorres

5th Sep 2021

Did You Know?… Coffee Is a Fruit!

Have you ever wondered where coffee beans come from? Do they grow on bushes? Are they picked from the ground? Actually, they come from a fruit!

by Mark Gorres

1st Sep 2021

Coffee 101: Brew Methods- Immersion vs. Percolation

How do you brew your coffee? Do you use a French Press, an automatic drip coffee machine, a Keurig, or perhaps an espresso machine? There are many different ways to brew coffee, but did you know each type of brewer can produce different tasting coffees?

by Mark Gorres

1st Sep 2021


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